Monte- Carlo: Shaken, not stirred, day trip no overnight and why…

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Oh, Monte Carlo (sigh).

A billionaires playground to say the least but for rest of the world, it’s only as impressive as your lowest expectations…unless you’ve never been anywhere else in the world, or France or near blue water.

I’ve always wanted to gallivant the streets of this James Bond famed location with it’s impressive Casino and posh atmosphere, but unless you’re pulling up in a million dollar mega yacht, there’s not too much going on. I’m sure we could have stayed the night and found a chic place to dine at or maybe wander into Buddha Bar located across from the Casino de Monte-Carlo, but the South of France has so much more to offer so I’m glad we didn’t waste too much time here, in fact, a few hours was plenty.

Monte Carlo Casino

The grounds are beautiful and the city is super clean. I didn’t know Monaco was it’s own country until after a little research but I guess I can add that one to the list! We walked the cities, viewed the location where the famous Grand Prix is usually held, saw the ports, and then some. Then some, as in, that was enough for us after an amazing lunch and the best fire-lit creme brulee I’ve had in a long time. We’ll never go back but glad we checked it off our bucket list and drove in the appreciate it’s fame. if you find the time, grab lunch on top of the Fairmont Monte-Carlo and if you drive in, you might as well park right under the Casino or a block or two down. It’s about the same all around town: 2-4 euros/hour.



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