The Trift Bridge: One of the longest pedestrian-only suspension bridges in the World

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The Trift Bridge is one of the longest pedestrian-only suspension bridges in the swiss alps and quite possibly one of the only ones in the World. It’s only 25 minutes from Interlaken, an hour from Lake Lucerne and is absolutely amazing.  It is some 550 feet long and sits 300 feet above Trift Lake, in central Switzerland off the Trift Glacier. We took the dog and had a complete blast. Our friends we’re terrified to cross it but we we’re almost disappointed at how much higher we thought the bridge would be. Regardless, it’s still really neat.

Switzerland visit

Here’s the top then things you need to know about the The TriftBridge:

  1. You can’t drive to the bridge. You must drive to the triftbahn, park for free across the street and take a 10 minute, 16 euro ride up the mountain
  2. You must hike the rest of the way up-which takes roughly 2 hours. You can opt to hike it from the bottom (which takes 4+hours) and take the trift bahn back but you must time your hike accordingly and buy your ticket back BEFORE you hike.
  3. Only 8 people are allowed in the Triftbahn at once…so the early bird catches the worm in this case and if you don’t arrive early (they open at 9pm) you may be waiting an hour or two until your number is called.
  4. The trail is mapped out kind of sketchy so just remember to go LEFT. If you only speak english you’re SOL when it comes time to choose a route halfway through your hike. Just know that the easier route and fastest route is LEFT and the more difficult route is right. If your short on time or have kids, opt for the left route.
  5. Dogs are allowed on the Triftbahn and en route. Yes, you have to buy your dog a ticket. I believe it was 5 euros for both ways. There are plenty of dogs off leash so if your dog is well behaved, feel free. However, you must have it leashed when crossing the first bridge over water.
  6. BRING PLENTY OF WATER & FOOD. No there is not an amazing restaurant or snack shack up at the bridge. There is one when you get off the Triftbahn but that’s it.
  7. The Trift Bahn is only open mid June – mid October.
  8. VISIT IN JUNE. Why? Because the glaciers from the ice are melting. The water is absolutely gorgeous and it’s still warm enough to hike with a little snow up top to make it picture perfect.
  9. If you’re short on time, Go back down the way you came. Some people tried hiking back a different route. FAIL. When you’re handed your ticket for the time you’re expected to be back on the triftbahn, try and make that. They hand them out for a reason and you don’t want your ship to sail.
  10. Bring your goPro. There’s something really spectacular about this bridge. They reconstructed it in 2009 so its perfectly safe but if you visit in June when the glaciers are melting there’s something really peaceful and wonderful about it.


  • You can hike to it from the parking lot but it will add I think 4 more hours one way! Def recommend taking the cable car if you can!

  • is the cable car not running in may or is the entire trail closed?
    is there any way of hiking it in may?

  • Yes, but I had nightmares last night after taking my son on the local cable car ride to Sentosa. I used to be into rockclimbing… it’s something specifically about seeing the kids next to a sheer drop. Maybe I need some therapy 🙂

  • No it’s not that bad don’t pass it up if you can! There were plenty of kids and its beyond safe now…Prior to 2009? Def sketchy but now it’s fine…we took our dog across it to with no problems!

  • When I first saw these pictures it all looked so awesome that it took me to the end of the post before I realised I have this thing with heights. I could probably do it if it was just me, but the thought of bringing the kids sets me hyperventilating. I might put it in the “things to think about when they’re a bit older” folder. It does look amazing…


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