Brussels: Top 10 things to see (& not to see) in Brussels

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Oh Brussels: The land of Chocolate, Beer & Waffles…

  1. The people are amazing. Out of all the places we’ve visited so far in Europe (aside from the running of the bulls), Brussels takes the cake.
  2. You’ll probably walk right by The manneken Pis. We sure did, and after all the hype to see it we were disappointed. Even if you’re into fountains you’ll probably be disappointed. So if you miss it you’re not missing anything. It’s not like it’s the Trevi Fountain in Rome…it’s a little boy peeing about the size of your hands. Skip it and survive.
  3. The waffles aren’t THAT great….but afterall, they’re just waffles. Sure you can try every and any waffle concoction in the world, but when you add sugar and butter and candy and chocolate to anything it tastes good.
  4. The beer was the best beer we’ve had IN THE WORLD Easily. One of our favorite spots that we ended up a few times was Delirium Cafe. Not only do they have over 2,000 beers to choose from but there are two other one-of-a-kind bars next to them: A tequila bar that has over 500 tequilas from around the world and an absinthe bar that has almost every real absinthe out there. ***Don’t try and head out of this little alley way with a beer in your hand. There’s security in every direction so unless you’re a ninja, rule that game plan out.
  5. There’s too much chocolate to choose from. It’s somewhat overwhelming but we managed to buy a few key pieces from a few key places ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Don’t leave without doing a beer tasting This is a must. If you don’t like beer, chances are this is the one place in the world that will change your mind. Duval is by far our favorite but it’s dangerous
  7. The Atomium (that huge silver shiny ball sculpture), was cool on average. We had a car, so if you can drive around and your downtown you might as well go see it. If you’re there for a few days, you might want to take a tour. If you’re there for a day or two…skip it.
  8. BRUSSELS HAS THE WORST TRAFFIC IN EUROPE. True story. Google it. We didn’t pre-trip and it took us two hours to get to Brugge through Brussels. Total FAIL.
  9. Two days was enough. Look, we’re not big history buffs all in all there isn’t A LOT to see. If anything, Brussels is super chill. The people are friendly, and the three best things for your figure (alcohol -beer, sweets-chocolate and carbs-waffles) are a few things to just enjoy. If you’re on a strict diet, skip Brussels and head to Bruges.
  10. THE DEEEPEST SWIMMING POOL IN THE WORLD is located in Brussels. It’s called Nemo 33. This was one thing we didn’t have the time to check out as we both love to dive but it’s pretty cool and a one of it’s kind!!!

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